GREENSUN Recycling: Be Bright, Go Green

Welcome to GREENSUN Recycling by blondeaffiliates

Citizens of Upson County are working together to do their part to conserve resources, save energy, and do good for the community.

Patti Robinson and her son, Frank Mason, decided to start a recycling program when Patti got frustrated when she searched for a place to recycle plastic water bottles and found the closest location was in LaGrange, Georgia (45 minutes away.)  Seeing a need for an easier way to recycle, they put together a business plan for a curbside recycling program. They have named their new business “Green Sun Recycling.”

“We will pick up other peoples recycled water bottles on their regular trash days, if they are signed up,” Robinson said. “We take the bottles to the Gilmore Center to recycle them.  Everyone wins.  Individual citizens and businesses now have a way to recycle plastic bottles, the Gilmore Center makes money to help fund their program, the city has less trash to send to landfills, and the environment wins.

The City of Thomaston, Gilmore Center, citizens and Green Sun Recycling will all partner together to keep America beautiful, and to basically ‘go green,’”

For more information or to sign up for curbside pickup recycling, contact Patti or Frank Mason at .


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