GREENSUN Recycling: Be Bright, Go Green

Greensun Presents Recycling to School Board and Receives Approval by greensunventures
Greensun Recycle Man

Greensun Recycle Man

Pratt Community Recycling Video on Broadcast Atlanta.

“Catch the Cycle” Recycling Program Thomaston Upson Schools launch.

The Thomaston Upson School Board gave approval to Greensun to move forward with a recycling program in the schools. On Friday, November 14th a recycle bin will be placed in every classroom in Upson County for an America Recycles Day Celebration. Following this as support for teachers, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs will hold Teacher Development to better prepare teachers to “Catch the Cycle.” It was approved that funds earned from the sale of collected recyclables will go towards an Earth Day green environmental project in the schools. The Griffin Hub will service the outside recycle bins as part of the Thomaston program with Pratt Recycling. Mrs. Karen Truesdale, Director of Public Relations, Thomaston-Upson Schools facilitated this cooperative private public partnership effort. Greensun and the Thomaston Upson community continue to step in the right direction in recycling and beautification.

Georgia Green and Healthy Schools

Greensun EE Page

EE in Georgia Green & Healthy Lesson Plans


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[…] Approval by the Thomaston Upson School Board for a recycle bin in every classroom with 150 bins delivered by Greensun from the Griffin Recycling Hub […]

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