GREENSUN Recycling: Be Bright, Go Green

Greensun Plants Sustainable Easter Basket Grass by greensunventures

Planting live wheatberry Easter Grass for baskets is lovely, sustainable and has nutritional value. 


Easy-to-grow indoors edible Easter Basket grass. wheat-grass-in-egg-285px_medium1

1.  Purchase organic hard wheat berries for about $1.98/lb. from your local

market in the bulk granola department.


2.  Soak the wheat berries overnight in warm water.

3.  Plant thickly dispersed covering the top of soil in a basket liner, planters, etc.

4.  Cover with wet cloth or paper towels and keep moist until sprouted in several days.300_539761

5.  Remove covering and expose to sunlight indoors or out.


6.  In 7-14 days live bright green wheat grass is ready for Easter.


7.  After Easter, juice nutritional edible wheatgrass and serve in 1 oz. shot glasses.


Here is a kit for living Easter grass:


Other uses for live wheatberry grass are outdoor planters, fairy gardens, and table centerpieces.

Your child can have a green Easter and grow a basket of real Easter grass.


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