GREENSUN Recycling: Be Bright, Go Green

Greensun Supports Efforts of EPA in Upson by greensunventures


This photo is from the Georgia Solid Waste Trust Fund Report. It proves unfortunately that fires still occur. This fire was in Upson County. 

“Officials from several federal, state, and local government agencies coordinated a swift response to safeguard residents… The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) led the emergency response action at the site. Residents were evacuated from their homes…EPD has spent approximately $50,000 stabilizing the landfill cover on the site.” September 23, 2002.  

 Future Program Needs and Opportunities per Georgia Solid Waste Trust Fund Report


  • There is an on-going need for education to citizens on recycling methods in order to maintain both the quantity and quality of materials collected, both of which determine the value that local governments receive when selling their recyclables.
  • Scrap tires are still a problem, mainly with one to four tires being littered along roadways.
  • Many local governments, even those that have successful recycling collection programs, do not have official policies for buying recycled products. Many do not realize that increasing demand for products with recycled content will help increase the value of the recyclables they collect and send to market.
  • There is an on-going need for recycling coordinator trainings to teach local officials how to select equipment, market materials, improve efficiency, track costs, etc. 

Burning was an expressed concern in our meeting with Kyle Hood, Upson County Manager, when encouraging recycling efforts.   A bid is currently open for Upson County Solid Waste Collection. 


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