GREENSUN Recycling: Be Bright, Go Green

Greensun Attends Hastings Victory Garden Seminar by greensunventures


Mickey the McCaw

Mickey the McCaw

Songbird Deli

Songbird Deli


Organic Seeds of Change

Organic Seeds of Change

Greensun has received valuable gardening direction for over 2 decades from Hastings Garden Center.  We  attended the free seminar offered by Hastings on Saturday, February 21, 2009Seed Lovers, Start your Victory Gardens.  

Hastings has an excellent program for organic practices including lady bugs and praying mantis egg casings which may be hatched in a bug habitat. They offer fruit trees and berry bushes and top varieties of seeds to begin any gardening effort.

Here is an excerpt from the Hastings Newsletter–you may subscribe here:

In the Spring 1943 Hastings Seed Catalog, Donald M. Hastings, son of pioneer H. G. Hastings wrote an article titled Victory Gardens, in which he says,“Any program for the development of gardens for Victory must include the growing of trees, shrubs, and flowers, for the health of the mind, as well as vegetables for the health of the body…”

Victory Garden triviaThis jingle from a 1942 radio show “Farm and Home Hour” sums up the spirit of the day: “Get out and dig, dig, dig in the sunshine. You can make one garden grow…”


Sign up here for the State of Georgia Market Bulletin40780509fcmb1

Subscriptions are available at no charge to Georgia residents.


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