GREENSUN Recycling: Be Bright, Go Green

Greensun Recycles and Reconnects to Joy by greensunventures

“Your most treasured memories hold the key to fulfillment and living with purpose and joy…Spending a few hours a week on a special hobby could be all that it takes to reconnect you to joy.” Here are the Kashi Steps to Recycling Joy per Dr. Joan Borysenko  Recycle tips at Kashi Eco-Friendly

Kashi Steps for connecting memories to your best life

  1. Sit with a friend and share three treasured memories each.
  2. Reflect together on what felt most “alive” and compelling in the sharing. Be specific. For example: Was it the joy of witnessing children discovering the world, the invigorating feeling of being outdoors, or the energy that comes from giving hope to people in need?
  3. Identify an activity that you can do now that will create the desired feeling. For example, take children on a field trip, plan a camping trip, or volunteer to work with the disabled.
  4. Make the activity a priority. That means putting it on your calendar and, when the time comes, doing it!
  5. Let each other know when you’ve followed through on your new priority. Even an empty email with the simple words “I did it!” in the subject line is great motivation to continue. Then, as you begin to reap the benefits of the gift your memory has given you, find time to share the treasure with your friend.


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