GREENSUN Recycling: Be Bright, Go Green

Bright Green Holidays



How to Grow organic wheat grass for Easter.


Go green for St. Patrick’s Day


Tree-Free Hugs and KissesClick to play Paperless Love Tree


Green is the new color of love. xo, Happy Paperless Valentine’s Day.smileboxlogo1

Go paperless with your Greenlove.


Greensun Wishlist of Recycle Learning Toys



We want our planet to be a garden, not a landfill. So we have fun developing and educating about recycling.

Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Bright Green Holidays= Less is more.greenxmas_large230px-living_christmas_tree_247 Choose a living Christmas Tree.


Green Jokes Advent Button Tree

Decorate a tree to share with your favorite singing birds. decorateatree

Fun Green Holiday ideas from Good Housekeeping are also adored by songbirds on trees outdoors decorated with Walnuts, Cranberry Mini Wreaths, Red Burlap Garland (spread peanut butter on garland and dip in birdseed) , Orange Slice Ornaments, Cornucopia (fill with sunflower seeds, popcorn, berries), and Beaded Pinecones (spread on peanut butter then roll in birdseed)and more. Other lovely green holiday ideas are Paperwhites and Scrapbook Paper Chains. all-natural-tree-decorations-decone-ornament-dechristmas-decoration-pinecone-garland-window-fbchristmas-bulbs-defruit-ornaments-degold-walnut-ornaments-demini-cranberry-wreaths-depaper-chain-garland-de

Green Holiday Ideas from Charleston

Recycle Advent Calendar Ideas: Match Boxes, altoid tins, film canisters, — Make trees, ornaments, or attach with magnet to a cookie sheet.




Bright Green Gifts of Care, Activity, Service or Experience


  • CARE – Provide a caring service such as
  1. a home-cooked meal,
  2. yard work, or
  3. baby sitting.
  4. Adopt an endangered animal from Nat’l Wildlife Fed.adoption_header_thanksgiving_plushies
  • SERVICE – a gift certificate
  1. for a massage,
  2. makeover, or
  3. session with a personal trainer.
  • EXPERIENCE -Treat loved ones to a
  1. live performance,
  2. a movie,
  3. trip,
  4. museum,
  5. exhibit, or
  6. class.

Checklist for bright green holiday parties.

Plastic Drink Bottle Tree

Plastic Drink Bottle Tree- More cool how to projects

ULS (Use Less Stuff) Checklist for the Holidays.

Petite Christmas.


Made by Me Gifts:


Reusables keep on giving…refillable pens, travel thermos, drink bottles.Recycling is an art.

Recycled TurkeyThanksgiving Recycled Turkey

Holiday Recycle Fun
Fun Thanksgiving From Recycle Guys
  1. Use your newspaper to stuff the grocery bag – add as much or little as you like! Make sure to glue the bottom shut.
  2. Cut the package labels into long cylinder shapes for feathers and glue them along the back edge of your paper bag. Make sure that you can see all the pretty feathers from the front!
  3. Glue your button or paper cutout eyes to the front of the bag.
  4. Cut another package label in a big triangle. Fold it in half and glue it below the eyes for the turkey’s beak.
  5. Attach the twig feet to the bottom edge of the back of the grocery bag.
  6. ENJOY! this Thanksgiving Recycle Craft

Pumpkin Soup from the Daily Green

Pumpkin Soup from the Daily Green

Milk Jug Skeleton
Green Halloween Tips
  • Don’t buy a costume. Make one! Use your imagination. Check your attic, basement and your parents’ closet to find a treasure trove of wonderful materials to make your costume. Some of Mom and Dad’s clothes from the 1970s might be scary enough to make the entire neighborhood run away!

  • Trade last year’s costume with a friend to get the most wear out of your creation. You’ll be a true original and a better environmental citizen.

  • If you don’t have time to make your own costume, consider renting rather than buying a costume. A rented costume is used many times over. That means less waste going to the landfill.
  • Use makeup instead of a mask. It’s safer and means less waste. But don’t buy over-packaged makeup kits. Choose materials that can be used again next year… and the year after!

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