GREENSUN Recycling: Be Bright, Go Green

List for Eco-Friendly Classrooms

Fun, easy ways to turn your classroom into an eco-friendly environment.

1. Write on both sides of paper.

2. Use reusable Lunch Bags.

The Lunch Sak—A natural cotton lunch bag with a velcro closure.  The bag includes 2 washable markers. Design your own lunch bag and carry it to school; then redesign it the next day.

3. Design lessons that cover same skills & concepts adaptable to an outdoor garden setting

Garden lesson plans

Garden lesson plans

Beanstalk Project with a line graph showing bean growth, reading comprehension lessons, wordsearch, journal and clip art.

4. Start a recycle bin/box by the classroom trash can. Take to nearest recycle center or curbside partner.

  Here’s a downloadable learning recycle poster link to post over the recycle bin.

5. Bring the outside in –build a terrarium.

6. Pack lunch in reusable dishes.

7. 50 Ways to Go Green in the Classroom Link

8. Edutopia Eco-Lesson Plans

9. Planet Green Link…one single teacher can cause an entire class to become more eco-friendly…

10. Turn the lights off when you leave the room. Here’s a lights off reminder poster link.


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