GREENSUN Recycling: Be Bright, Go Green

Greensun Recycling Encourages “Growing Up Green” by greensunventures

Greensun Recycling Invites Recycle Fans to “Growing Up Green” at The Rock Ranch by greensunventures
You are invited to “Growing Up Green” a fun event at The Rock Ranch” on Saturday, October 24, 2009, featuring Bob and Larry of Veggie Tales. Admission is $14.00 and children 3 and under are free. The time is 10 am to 10 pm and you may enter the Veggie 500 Race to build a racer from veggies, meet State of Georgia’s Tommy Krenshaw, and much more fun.

Get Your Picture Made with Tommy Krenshaw
We want you to Become a Recycle Fan and on Growing up
Green Day, join Greensun Recycling, Quad Graphics and MOMS Club to help Recycle Man bring curbside recycling to Thomaston, GA. 
Greenusn Recycling says Thank You to 
State of Georgia, Grant Winning Griffin Recycle Hub
The Rock Ranch
Quad Graphics 
& MOMS Club of Griffin/Thomaston Area
 It’s Girl Scout Day at The Rock Ranch– and Quad Graphics, Tommy Krenshaw, Veggie Tales and MOMS Club of Griffin/Thomaston Area will be there! – Be Bright, Go Green with lots of fun and Eco-Friendly Veggies and Recycling Fans. 



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Tommy Krenshaw, You Gotta Be Kidding!  Tommy believes when we trash this planet, he can move to another one.  Help Recycle Man convince Tommy to “Be Bright, Go Green” and bring curbside recycling to Thomaston!


Meet Tommy Krenshaw, a lame non-recycler.

Meet Tommy Krenshaw, a lame non-recycler.

Greensun Recycling Encourages Help the Environment and Act Local Initiatives by greensunventures
Quad Graphics Local Recycling Efforts
Quad Graphics Local Recycling Efforts

 Recycle Man agrees that helping the environment and helping to keep local money in the community are worthwhile efforts.  We encourage everyone to participate at the Quad Graphics Recycling Fundraiser for the Gilmore Center in Thomaston this Saturday 8/8,   8 am. until noon.

Greensun Recycling Admires Quad Graphics Recycling Efforts by greensunventures

quad flyer for gilmore center recycling 

“Quad/Graphics and the Gilmore Centerare teaming up to encourage recycling
Please bring your aluminum cans
Saturday, August 8th 8am-noon

and help raise funds for the Gilmore Center.

The Gilmore Center offers services

to individuals who need help with life skills.

Bring aluminum cans and paper (non-window

envelopes, newspapers,

magazines, etc) to the Gilmore

Center on August 8 between 8am


Volunteers will be on hand at the Gilmore Center to

help unload from your car, and

there might even be gifts

available for the kids. (While

supplies last)

So please come by, help the environment, and help keep the

local community money where it

belongs………in the community”