GREENSUN Recycling: Be Bright, Go Green

Greensun Recycling Encourages “Growing Up Green” by greensunventures

Greensun Recycling Invited to The Rock Ranch for Growing up Green Day by greensunventures

d0440a09fc242d7cbe25c9a7558d1d6cOctober 24 Growing Up Green, featuring Bob and Larry of Veggie Tales will allow guests to have their photos made with the popular Veggie Tales characters. Various booths, presentations and demonstrations will provide information about “green” topics such as alternative energy, recycling, composting and more. The keynote speaker is Danny Orlando with Energy Star – EPA, who was featured in the movie “Kilowatt ‘Ours,” seen by more than 73 million people. A favorite activity of this event is the “Veggie 500” where guests work in teams to build and race cars made of vegetables. There will be an amazing birds of prey program conducted by Dale Arrowwood of Winged Ambassadors and a phenomenal reptile show by Jason Clark of Animal Planet. There will also be an opportunity to participate in a photo scavenger hunt. Special guests for this event are the Girl Scouts of America. Discount tickets available through all Georgia Girl Scout Councils.

Greensun Recycling will present “Be Bright, Go Green” fun at The Rock Ranch with Recycle Man and lots of Recycle Tips for all ages.  Reuse, Reduce, Recycle! Over 1,000 Girls Scouts of all ages will have the opportunity to get their picture made with Flat Tommy from the State of Georgia Recycling Campaign

Recycle Heroes with Recycle Man

Recycle Heroes with Recycle Man